Hillwood, City File Plans For 1.5-Million-Square-Foot 'Project Jaguar' Warehouse At Cecil

Jul 24, 2018

Amazon.com could be joined by a larger neighbor at Cecil Commerce Center — the proposed 1.5 million-square-foot warehouse code-named Project Jaguar.

Our Jacksonville Daily Record news partner reports the city and the St. Johns River Water Management District are reviewing plans from Dallas-based Hillwood, the master developer of AllianceFlorida at Cecil Commerce Center, and the city, which owns the business park.

While plans do not identify the company, they do outline a project larger than the neighboring 1 million-square-foot Amazon fulfillment center at 13333 103rd St.

The proposed 1,500,750-square-foot Project Jaguar distribution warehouse would be built at loading-dock height along 103rd Street, adjacent to the west of the Amazon distribution center.

The Water Management District application specifies a 106.68-acre area west of Interstate 295, south of Interstate 10 and east of the Normandy Boulevard and 103rd Street intersection.

Another project description says the industrial site is 130.73 acres.

Project Jaguar’s building would be 2,310 feet east-to-west and 650 feet north-to-south, showing a long rectangular shape.

A permit application for early clearing of Parcels A2 and B were filed Friday with the Water Management District and the Jacksonville Development Services Division.

Prosser is the civil engineering consultant. ERS Inc. is the environmental consultant. Terracon Consultants Inc. is the geotechnical engineer.

According to the July 11 geotechnical engineering report, the first phase will include clearing, grading and construction of two stormwater ponds.

The building footprint will require 4 to 6 feet of fill to achieve loading dock height.

Paved areas for auto and light truck parking are planned for the east and west sides of the proposed warehouse. Tractor-trailer parking is planned on the north and south sides of the building.

Hillwood Senior Vice President Dan Tatsch said Monday he had no comment “on any deals we might or might not be chasing.”

Mayor Lenny Curry had no comment Monday. City spokeswoman Tia Ford said she could not comment about Project Jaguar.

The landowner is the city and the co-applicants are the city and Hillwood.

Hillwood reported in late June that near the end of the first quarter, a broker asked about sites for a 1 million-square-foot distribution facility at Cecil Commerce.

Hillwood did not disclose the identity of the prospect but said that it received and responded to the broker’s preliminary inquiry.

The client seeks to identify sites to accommodate the facility.

Hillwood disclosed the activity in its quarterly report, covering January-March.

While it’s not clear who it is, there’s at least one company that can be ruled out.

The Home Depot Inc., which wants to expand its fulfillment network, says it’s “not looking for a location that size in Jacksonville. That is not on our radar.”

If completed, Project Jaguar would be one of the city’s largest warehouses. By comparison, One Imeson in North Jacksonville has 1.7 million square feet of industrial and office space.