Hurricane Michael, Florida Sunshine Law, Peregrine Falcons & Havana Music Hall Musical

Oct 8, 2018
Originally published on October 10, 2018 3:25 pm

Hurricane Michael is developing in the Gulf of Mexico and is planned to make landfall in Florida’s Panhandle on Tuesday night. In addition to rainfall from the hurricane, Floridians can expect king tide flooding. Governor Rick Scott declared a State of Emergency Sunday afternoon and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum canceled a planned campaign event in Key West. Cyndee O'Quinn is a meteorologist for the Florida Public Emergency Network. She joined Sundial to give the latest updates on the hurricane.

Next, Sundial took a deep dive on Florida’s Sunshine Law and what they mean to the transparency in state and local government. The First Amendment Foundation is hosting an event on Oct.9 at Broward College's Bailey Hall called “Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen in Derision 2018.” The event will discuss governance and today’s political landscape and will be introduced by the Sun Sentinel's Rosemary O'Hara and moderated by WLRN's Tom Hudson. Barbara Peterson is the president of the First Amendment Foundation and she joined Sundial to talk about the event. 

Every October, more than 15,000 Peregrine Falcons fill the skies of the Florida Keys on their migration down to South America. The massive migration brings hundreds of spectators and professional birdwatchers from around the globe down to the Keys for the annual hawk count. The Executive Director of the Florida Keys Audubon Society is Mark Hedden and Rafael Galvez is the Director of the Florida Keys Hawkwatch Migration Project. They joined Sundial to discuss the significance of the falcons and the “Hawk Mania” event on Oct. 12 and Oct. 13.

And "Havana Music Hall" is a new show examining the complex politics of Cuba in the 1950s. It takes the stage at Actors' Playhouse in Coral Gables on Oct. 10. The musical touches on one couple’s Cuban immigrant experience through the power of survival, love and music. The musical’s creator and lyricist Richard Kagan and actors Elaine Flores and Bruno Faria joined Sundial to discuss the show and perform a live song called, “My Husband, My Wife.”

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