'I'm So Duval' Meme Hits Jax Social Media

Jul 23, 2014

How "Duval" are you?

That's the question Jacksonville residents appear to be answering on social media this week as the "I'm So" meme comes to the First Coast.

According to reference website Know Your Meme, the trend started in 2009 when a Twitter user introduced the hashtag #imsomemphis in a tweet meant to explain why he is a prime example of someone from Memphis, Tennessee.

Last week the phrase was added to Urban Dictionary, after which use of the meme on social media was tracked and reported on in Detroit, Chicago and Alabama.

A local Facebook page dedicated to the meme called "I'm so #Duval" was published on Monday and already has more than 330 likes. Here is what people are saying makes them so Duval:

[View the story "I'm So Duval " on Storify]

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