Impeachment; Tiny Houses; Book Club; Take The Stairs Day

Jan 12, 2021

The push to remove President Trump from office following the attack on the US Capitol is continuing in Washington D.C.

House Democrats are making an aggressive push to remove President Trump before President-elect Biden’s inauguration day on January 20. Pollster Mike Binder, the head of UNF’s public research lab, joined us with his thoughts.  

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Simple Life

Jacksonville based company Simple Life is building houses all across the Southeast.  However, these houses are different, because they are tiny. Simple Life CEO Mike McCann joined us to talk about the trend.  

Book Club

This month’s First Coast Connect Book Club selection is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  Our facilitator, Stacey Goldring  joined us to discuss why she picked this book. 

Take The Stairs Day

Wednesday is National Take The Stairs Day, so the American Lung Association is challenging people in Jacksonville to adopt healthy habits in the new year by taking the stairs. Cindy Springer, the development manager for the Lung Association in Jacksonville, joined us to share more details.  

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