Italian Man Lives Dream Cycling Around The World; Rides Through Jacksonville

Sep 4, 2015

Marco Invernizzi is bicycling around the world. He left his home in Italy in late July and set off across Europe, then down the East Coast of the U.S.

He’s spending Labor Day Weekend in Jacksonville. “It’s a very beautiful city," Invernizzi said.

Invernizzi says his planned route, across 35 countries, will take him an entire year. Biking, he says, is the perfect way to take a trip.

“The speed is very low. It’s possible to see everything,” he said, “and it’s possible to stop and talk with the people.”

Not only talk with them, but stay with them too. Invernizzi is staying with a Jacksonville man who’s one of 8,000 people following the biker’s journey on his blog.

But many times he says he sleeps in a tent.  All of this while he continues his advertising and web design business from his laptop.


“It’s my dream,” he said.

And next on his agenda?

He said, “I don’t know. I think I’ll buy a new tent.”

Then after the weekend in Jacksonville, he says he’s on to New Orleans.