It's Hurricane Season - Is Your Property Secure?

Jun 19, 2013

Hurricane season is in full swing, and Florida's homeowners are among the most at-risk in the nation should a major storm surge our way.

Florida's most at-risk for property damage in the event of a major storm.

Now is the time to scrutinize your property insurance policy and find out what is - and is not - covered.

"Call your broker. Ask a lot of questions. What is your deductible, for example? Do you have flood insurance? And don't assume mortgage insurance will result in a big payout in the event of disaster," says First Coast financial adviser and author Brooke Stephens.

In addition to mining for information, Stephens suggests documentation.

"Take good photographs of everything you own, especially valuable electronics equipment and antiques. Keep those photos somewhere off-site such as a safe-deposit box. You'll need them should the worst happen and you have to file a claim."