Jacksonville City Council Could Make Backyard Chickens Legal

Apr 2, 2013

The local group "Hens in Jax" is asking the City Council to allow homeowners to keep up to four hens in residential areas.
Credit Hens in Jax

Advocates of urban agriculture in Jacksonville are pressing the City Council not to chicken out (author's note: I had to do it) and to legalize domestic hens in residential areas.

A group called Hens in Jax is leading the charge.

They're calling for the city ordinance banning chickens in low-density residential areas to be changed, so that homeowners could keep up to four hens on their property. No roosters would be allowed, though, due to noise.

City Councilman Doyle Carter tells us he's met with the pro-chicken crowd and is researching the issue.

"They want to have the fresh eggs, and so we're researching the pros and cons," he says.

So why did the chicken cross the road? Maybe to get to your neighbor's backyard coop.