Jacksonville Clinton, Trump Supporters Imagine Consoling Other Side After A Win

Nov 4, 2016

The U.S. in the final days of one of the most divisive presidential elections in recent memory. Supporters of the two major candidates seem to hate the other side as much as they love their own.  

We wondered, what would those supporters say to calm the fears of the losing side, if their guy, or lady, wins on Tuesday?

Here’s what we found out at the Trump and Clinton rallies yesterday in Jacksonville.

At the Donald Trump rally at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, a guy from Daytona Beach who called himself Johnny Rock ‘n Ride was selling T-shirts he designed depicting Trump as Captain America. What would he say to help Clinton supporters get over a Trump win?

“Get over it and get a life,” he said.  

For the record, he said Clinton supporters would be justified in saying that to him if she wins, too.

Trump supporter Gayla Morrison from Palm Coast was a bit more tempered.

“We’ll welcome all of them, we’re all Americans,” she said. “Even us ‘deplorable’ ones.”

Ryan Marra (left) and Cody Jackson stand in line to see President Barack Obama at UNF Thursday.
Credit Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News

At the Barack Obama rally for Hillary Clinton on the University of North Florida campus, Marjorie Taylor was standing with a group of her girlfriends, all wearing Clinton pins. For her, the question of consoling the other side is personal.  She’s been married to her husband for two years and didn’t know he was a Republican until this election.

“My husband is a Trump supporter, and our household has been very uncomfortable the last few months,” she said, “but I think I would tell him that the right decision was made, that we get the government we deserve and that Hillary will do a good job.”

Florida remains too close to call in several polls less than a week before the election.