Jacksonville Cold-Night Homeless Shelter Adds Beds; Seeks Donated Blankets

Jan 12, 2016

People wait outside City Rescue Mission on a warmer day.
Credit City Rescue Mission

With overnight temperatures hovering above freezing this week, Jacksonville’s City Rescue Mission homeless shelter is adding beds.

A hundred extra beds will be available this week on top of the 125 that are usually open.

City Rescue Mission Executive Director Penny Kievit says anyone who sees a homeless person on the street should let them know a warm bed is available.

“There should be no reason for us to pick up the paper and hear of unfortunate incidents with our homeless population because of the cold,” she says.

City Rescue Mission is also asking for donations of toiletries, bedding and blankets. The items can be dropped off at the mission’s New Life Inn at 234 W. State St. downtown.