Jacksonville Councilman Schellenberg Concerned About JEA's CEO Selection Process

Nov 20, 2018

Some City Council members are raising the alarm about JEA’s process for selecting a new CEO.

Interim CEO Aaron Zahn is perceived to be widely favored, even though he drew lower scores on his leadership abilities than other candidates.

Jacksonville City Councilman Matt Schellenberg said Tuesday on First Coast Connect it’s concerning that qualified candidates to lead the utility are withdrawing their names from consideration.

“Unfortunately I think what you’re seeing now is the people that are in the top four are looking at it and seeing the same concern I have. That the pick is already in, and they’re dropping out.”

Our Florida Times-Union news partner reported Tuesday that CEO finalist candidate Frankie McDermott has dropped out, despite impressing the JEA’s search committee.

Meanwhile, a new bill moving through Jacksonville City Council would change conditions for any future sale of the utility.

This after local voters overwhelmingly approved a straw ballot measure stating the public should have a say in whether JEA is privatized.

The full audio interview with Schellenberg is available on Tuesday’s First Coast Connect.

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