Jacksonville Featured In Documentary 'Postcards from the Great Divide'

Jul 14, 2016

Credit www.politicalpostcards.org

A new short documentary from PBS and the Washington Post captured the political mood among black voters in Jacksonville.

“Post-Obama Drama” is part of an eight-episode series called “Postcards from the Great Divide.”

The short documentary highlights how President Barack Obama won over black voters and what challenges the presidential candidates face in gaining their support.

“It’s a little scary, honestly, with some of the rhetoric that’s going on,” said a Jacksonville man in the film. “I think about ‘Make America Great Again,' and that’s one of those things that I think back and I’m like what does that actually mean? How far are we going back?” 

Co-producer Cyndee Readdean conducted interviews at the Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce and area churches.

“It wasn’t hard to get people to open up and talk about what they were thinking about the upcoming election,” Readdean said. “It’s as if these people were waiting for someone to come in and ask them.”

The series features people from across the country with different backgrounds.

“In all these places you see people that look different, but we’re all Americans,” said Paul Stekler, executive producer. “It’s just different stories of a patchwork, let’s say, of American politics.”

The first five postcard videos are available online at www.politicalpostcards.org. Three more will premiere later this summer.