Jacksonville Kennel Club Violating State Gambling Law

Aug 2, 2016

The Jacksonville Kennel Club was cited Monday for violating state law.
Credit CC0 Public Domain

A judge has declared the Jacksonville Kennel Club card and racing facility violated gambling laws by the way of its “player-banked” card games.

A judge said Monday the Kennel Club was breaking the law because many times games would be played against a designated person who worked for a third-party company.

Florida law allows pari-mutuels, like the Kennel Club, to let players play against each other, but not to host games like blackjack, where they play against the house.

Administrative Law Judge Suzanne Van Wyk said in her order that through the designated players, the Kennel Club essentially created a bank for the players to play against.

The ruling is expected to affect other pari-mutuels around the state with similar games. Meanwhile, the Kennel Club is considering appealing its fine of $4,500.