Jacksonville Ramadan Event Features International Islam Expert

Jul 1, 2016

Credit https://www.facebook.com/hsmoghul/photos/

The Atlantic Institute of Jacksonville, one of the founders of Table of Abraham, hosted a Ramadan fast-breaking event Thursday night.

Haroon Moghul, an expert on Islam, U.S. foreign policy and religious identity, was the keynote speaker where he spoke about celebrating Ramadan, and where extremism comes from and what the Muslim community can do about it.

Ramadan is the month of fasting, when Muslims refrain from food and drinks from dawn to dusk each day. At sunset, the day long fast is broken with a simple meal.

“I wanted to talk about ... the kind of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant work we are seeing right now has changed how I experience Ramadan and how I found those lessons for dealing with it in Lord of The Rings,” said Moghul on Thursday’s First Coast Connect.

Moghul compares Lord of the Rings characters to the strength of our democracy, saying the only way to defeat evil is by working together with different people from different backgrounds that each have a different destiny.