Jacksonville’s Schultz Center Making Statewide Education Impact

Jul 16, 2015

Deborah Gianoulis, left, president and CEO of The Schultz Center, speaks with WJCT's Melissa Ross on First Coast Connect.
Credit Patrick Donges / WJCT

The Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership is reaching out to school districts around Florida in an effort to expand its client base beyond the First Coast.

The center hosts meetings and provides in-service training and development for teachers and school administrators.

On Thursday’s First Coast Connect, CEO Deborah Gianoulis said the center is becoming a resource for all types of educators.

“We serve private school educators as well. We also serve homeschools, and we serve charter schools,” Gianoulis said. “So if you’re in the education arena, we want to do whatever we can to help you improve your practice.”

The center has also launched a new easy-to-use website where educators can get together virtually. Gianoulis said most teachers prefer meeting online.

“Even when we have done surveys with the early learning coalition here in Duval about teacher preference for professional development, 70 percent of early educators - child care workers -  prefer online. And the reason they do is simply time.”

Since its expansion, the Schultz Center has provided professional guidance and training to educators in 50 Florida counties.