Jacksonville Sets Scene In Cinema

Apr 27, 2016

Justin Belichis of OneTankMedia, a student news organization at the University of North Florida, writes about Jacksonville once being a movie hub during the era of silent films.  

While that may no longer be the case, the UNF student selects 10 movies in which Jacksonville plays a part.

"Although Jacksonville’s film studios have long since disappeared, the city itself has appeared in other movies throughout the years," he writes. "Numerous films and television shows have used buildings, landscapes, quaint neighborhood streets and parks on the First Coast to paint the picture of a film’s reality."

Here are a few selections from Belichis' OneTankMedia post:

"Ash vs Evil Dead" (2015)

In the show's fourth episode of the first season, Belichis writes, the Jacksonville skyline appears in a hallucination by its main character, Ash.

“The Year of Getting to Know Us” (2008)

The movie features Jimmy Fallon, whose character Chris Rocket stands near the Jacksonville International Airport’s baggage claim, Belichis writes.

"G.I. Jane" (1997)

Some of the scenes were filmed at Camp Blanding, Belichis writes.

"The Waterboy" (1998)

Before it was renamed Everbank Field, Alltel Stadium and is featured in the opening shot of the Adam Sandler comedy, Belichis writes.

"Cool Hand Luke" (1967)

A chase scene is filmed near Callahan Road Prison, which no longer exists, Belichis writes.

For the complete list, read the entire post.