Jacksonville's Sulzbacher Center Raises Safe Sex Awareness

Nov 30, 2017

Friday is World AIDS Day.

During this week’s lead-up to the event, advocates on the First Coast are working to raise awareness of the important role condoms play in preventing HIV-AIDS.

In Florida, anyone can purchase condoms regardless of age.  Plus, there are many places that give condoms away for free, including the Sulzbacher Center in downtown Jacksonville.

“One of the services we include is free condoms so that people can practice free sex and prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases,” said Eileen Briggs, Chief Development Officer of the Sulzbacher Center.

The Sulzbacher Center serves Jacksonville’s poor and homeless citizens.

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In addition to providing free meals and shelter, the center also operates  two clinics that offer primary, dental, vision and behavioral health care to those in need.

More information is available on the Sulzbacher Center’s  website.

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