The Jameis Winston Saga And The Business Of College Athletics

May 21, 2014

Florida State University's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston is back in the news this week, but not for his athletic ability.

A screenshot of security footage showing FSU quarterback Jameis Winston walking out of a Tallahassee Publix with crab legs he did not pay for.

Winston was noticeably absent yesterday as two of his fellow FSU players faced a code of conduct hearing for observing a sexual encounter between Winston and a woman who alleged the quarterback raped her in 2012.

Winston was not charged criminally, but Florida State is under investigation by the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights for its handling of sexual assault cases.

Winston also raised eyebrows after seemingly shoplifting crab legs from a Tallahassee grocery store.

Don Capener, dean of Jacksonville University’s Davis College of Business, joined Melissa Ross to discuss the Winston saga, and the good, bad and ugly of sports culture in the university system.

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