Jax Twittervese Reacts To Lenny Curry's First Coast Connect Interview

Jun 25, 2014

Jacksonville residents sounded off on Twitter during Republican mayoral candidate and former Republican Party of Florida chairman Lenny Curry's appearance on First Coast Connect.

Several local Tweeters responded to Curry's remarks on whether he would support an expanded Human Rights Ordinance in the city.

Lenny Curry
Credit Pam Hinds / Facebook

"That issue became a very divisive, vitriolic issue because the mayor was absent," Curry said. "What I'll do is I'll bring parties together and work to make sure, to build a consensus on this issue."

"I think what people need to understand is that my guiding philosophy and principle on this is that every single person in Jacksonville should be treated fairly, should be treated equally and have equal opportunity, no discrimination."

When pressed for a yes or no answer on whether he supports expansion of the ordinance to include LGBT residents, Curry would not give one.

"To throw a piece of legislation at me that I had no input and no part of, that ended up in the form that it did because the mayor hid from it, the mayor hid from the issue, that's not a relevant question right now," he told WJCT's Melissa Ross. "I will lead on this issue as mayor."

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