Key West City Manager, South Florida Facial Recognition Technology & OceanX Coral Reef Mission

Jun 4, 2019

Key West’s new city manager is Greg Veliz. Last week, the city commission voted for Veliz to take the position despite controversy surrounding his past. Veliz has a cocaine trafficking arrest on his permanent record. There were concerns that his previous conviction would disqualify him for the position as Key West’s city manager. Reporter Gwen Filosa covers the Florida Keys for the Miami Herald and Florida Keys news. She joined us to talk about this story and an ongoing profile of she’s working on about Keys lawmakers.

On Tuesday,  the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is holding their second of multiple hearings on the use of facial recognition technology. Some lawmakers and civil rights activists have concerns about the racial bias and privacy of information gathered by the technology. Melissa Doval, CEO of Kairos, a South Florida based facial recognition technology company, joined Sundial to talk about how the technology works and respond to criticism.

OceanX, a non-profit organization exploring the ocean, is launching a mission focused on conserving and documenting Florida’s coral reefs. The scientific project is called “Saving America’s Great Barrier Reef.” The group is sending biologist who study coral reefs to conduct “real-time health checks” that will show what keeps coral reefs healthy and what makes them sick. Dr. Vincent Pieribone, the Vice Chairman of OceanX joined Sundial to talk about the impact of bacterial diseases on coral reefs.

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