Law Enforcement, OneBlood Partner To Raise Awareness About Plasma Donations

Sep 30, 2020

Federal and local law enforcement officials who have recovered from COVID-19 are partnering with OneBlood to raise awareness about plasma donations.

U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida Lawrence Keefe and Jacksonville FBI Special Agent in Charge Rachel Rojas were just two of several officials who recently donated plasma and shared their personal COVID-19 stories.

“Donating convalescent plasma is one way I can help others on their road to recovery. We’re all in this global pandemic together and the more opportunities we each choose to help one another, the better off we’ll all be,” said Keefe.

“Being a survivor of COVID-19 and reading about how this disease is taking people’s lives and how plasma can save a life, I really do feel that it’s important,” Rojas said. “If I can contribute in any way and make an impact to save somebody’s life, then I want to do that.”

OneBlood is collecting and distributing plasma seven days a week throughout its service area, which includes nearly all of Florida and much of the Southeastern United States.

OneBlood Senior Vice President Susan Forbes said there is an increased need for both plasma and blood donations due to the pandemic.

“The pandemic has indefinitely disrupted our traditional model for collecting blood. A sustained donor response is needed,” she said. “We encourage people to donate blood every time they are eligible and this will help ensure a ready blood supply at all times. Donating blood is an easy way to make a positive impact on your community.”

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