Local Legislators Seek Changes To Red Light Camera Guidelines

Jan 30, 2014

The Florida State Legislature is expected to review red light camera legislation this session, and some local lawmakers say there are serious flaws in the current system.

Numerous complaints have come up regarding the red light cameras around the state including in Jacksonville.

A red light camera system at the Springfield, Ohio intersection of Limestone and Leffels.
Credit Derek Jensen / Wikimedia Commons

The length of the yellow light can vary from city to city and there have been some issues with license plate numbers being transposed or the owner of a vehicle being ticketed instead of the person who was actually driving.

State Rep. Charles McBurney has introduced legislation that would set more standards and not allow tickets from red light cameras if the length of the yellow light doesn’t conform to the minimum federal recommendation. 

State Rep. Lake Ray said he’s been a victim of mistaken identity by a traffic enforcement camera.

"Somebody, somewhere down south went through one of the toll gating services that we have in the state and they sent me a fine because they said that I had run one of these systems," he said. "It took me eight hours to figure out that in fact they got the numbers wrong."

Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford said Jacksonville has procedures in place to assist people who believe they have been wrongly ticketed by a red light camera.

He said the yellow lights in Jacksonville meet or exceed national safety guidelines and would support that requirement statewide.

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