Long Ballot Makes Mail-In Votes A Tight Squeeze

6 hours ago

Some Duval County voters are experiencing difficulty with their mail-in ballots for the November 6 general election.

Longtime mail-in voter Sally Young said when she folded her ballot it was bigger than the envelope provided for its return.

“And once you pulled off the adhesive to fold it over and secure it, there was a quarter of an inch of exposed adhesive, meaning that there’s a possibility that this could get stuck somewhere,” said Young.

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Young called the Duval County Supervisor of Elections office and was told to just secure it with some tape and send it along.

Robert Phillips with the elections office said the adhesive is there to protect a voter’s signature from prying eyes.  

“This is the longest ballot we’ve had in several years. It’s a 17-inch ballot and it’s because we have so many constitutional amendments. And, basically, if they just want to fold it one more time and slide it in there, it’ll be completely fine,” said Phillips.

Phillips said voters concerned over whether their mail-in ballot was received can call the Supervisor of Elections Office to check. They can also check online using the My Voter Status webpage on the Supervisor of Elections website.

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