Loose Women. Unscrupulous Heels. Adulterous Husbands. Unfaithful Wives, & Total Cassette Rewind

Sep 1, 2013

What I Found On The Web This Week:

Merrily We  Go To Hell
Loose women. Unscrupulous heels. Adulterous husbands. Unfaithful wives, Drug addicts, and Prostitutes. Pre-Code Hollywood had them all, with most sins going unpunished. And lucky for you and me ( Pre-Code Fanatics) Forbidden Hollywood Collection: Volume 7 has just escaped the Warner Vaults. Starring Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, Loretta Young and quintessential screen scoundrel Warren William in two of his best, Forbidden Hollywood: Volume Seven shines the spotlight on four of the era’s most scandalous sizzlers. The Hatchet Man (1932): A Tong executioner (Robinson) allows his wife (Young) to run off with a gangster only to learn she’s been sold into prostitution. Skyscraper Souls (1932): A financier (William) stops at nothing to gain control of a 100-story office building and a "naïve" Maureen O’Sullivan. Employees’ Entrance (1933): A tyrannical department store manager (William) chases after profits and Loretta Young. Ex-Lady (1933): An artist (Davis) who doesn’t believe in marriage reluctantly weds her lover (Gene Raymond) only to discover he’s seeing another woman. This is Hollywood without rules or censors and it’s lots of fun to watch. The Warner Store Has The Best Price.

 (This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. This product is expected to play back in DVD Video "play only" devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.)

Guardian Cassette Flashback

“Total rewind: 10 key moments in the life of the cassette. This little trip back in time will have you remembering days gone by. “By the mid-1990s the cassette was a dead medium. Now, however, labels are releasing music on tape again. As next weekend's Cassette Store Day approaches, the The Guardian looks back on the 50-year history of this humble recording format”

Now You Used To See Them, Now You Won’t
Top 10 disappearing jobs in the USA  was the blaring headline from  USA Today . It seems some jobs have disappeared in the last decade and may never make a comeback. Plan now or be lost in the changing environment of the employed and the not so employed.

31 Of The Most Beautiful Sights On Earth
This could be 31 pics of the week. CNN has a really beautiful slide show of all the places  on  this planet that you’ll need to see before you kick the bucket.

PICS Of The Week

Surely this is what's known as having a whale of a time! Paddling along off the coast of Monterey Bay in California a group of kayakers were taken by surprise when a 40 foot whale rose out of the water almost within touching distance. The incredible moment was captured by Giancarlo Thomae, a marine biologist from Moss Landing.
Credit Photograph: Giancarlo Thomae/Caters

One cow, three felines and some fresh milk. This could be the best cat photo ever.
Credit TIME Inc.

With a good yard dog who needs a baby sitter?
Credit Unknown