Lot J Scrutiny; 'The Case For Keto;' 'Power Up' Intensive

Jan 4, 2021

We kicked off the new year with a closer look at the latest on the proposed $457 million Lot J plan.

That is the proposed development next to TIAA Bank Field that would cost taxpayers more than $230 million in city investments to transform the sports complex with a new mixed-use complex that would include a live entertainment venue, hotel, apartments and more.

But a coalition of voices is calling for closer scrutiny of the deal. Among them is the group Our Jax. Michael Ward, Our Jax president; and Audrey Moran, Our Jax spokesperson joined us to explain why.

The Case For Keto

Based on a decade of research and interviews with hundreds of researchers and over 100 working physicians, The Case For Keto explains how the conventional thinking on obesity has led to sixty years of controversy, the on-going “dietwars,” and the obesity and diabetes epidemics through which we’re living. Author Gary Taubes spoke with us about it

'Power Up' Intensive

Women are leaving the workforce in massive numbers during this pandemic.

CNBC reported nearly 2.2 million women left the workforce between February and October - because women are called on to both earn money and be the caregiver for those in their circle who need help, and during a pandemic, that pressure forced many capable, hard-working women out of traditional work.

Many of those women are now looking at how they can start a business that allows them more flexibility but also helps them earn a living. This month, they can take part in a free two-week entrepreneurs’ intensive to kick start your business.  She is Fierce! CEO Kelly Youngs joined us to explain how.

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