Mask Mandate Case Closing Arguments; Afghan Refugees, Quang Pham, Hearing Loss

Aug 26, 2021

Florida parents challenging Gov. Ron DeSantisexecutive order in court, which prohibits mandatory mask policies in schools, can expect a ruling on Friday. Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper is hearing closing arguments Thursday.

Ten other school districts, including Duval County have defied the governor's order .

Attorney Charles Gallagher is one of the filing attorneys in this lawsuit against DeSantis. He gave us an update.  

Afghan Refugees

Some Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban are coming to Jacksonville. Laura Cook, who heads up the refugee resettlement effort at Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida, talked to us about their programs and what community members can do to help.  

Quang Pham

Only a couple of days before the fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975, Quang Pham, his mother, and three sisters were evacuated via a U.S. military aircraft arranged by their father, a career South Vietnamese pilot helping the American forces during the Vietnam War. He is currently a Ponte Vedra resident and joined us to share his story and new book, A Sense of Duty: My Father, Our Journey from Vietnam

Hearing Loss

If you’re looking for a hearing aid but cannot buy one due to the cost there might be a solution for you.  To speed up a 2017 law, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that makes it easy to buy low-cost hearing devices in a drug store, something like the reading glasses you see there. 

We spoke to Dr. Sara Miers of the Jax Speech and Hearing Center for more information.  

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