Media Roundtable; 10 Years of MOCA Jacksonville’s Project Atrium

Mar 5, 2021

On this week’s Friday Media Roundtable, we discussed some of the top stories in Northeast Florida, including:

Our guest were: 

The video version of today's Media Roundtable edition of First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross is available on Jax PBS Passport.

10 years of MOCA Jacksonville’s Project Atrium

MOCA Jacksonville is celebrating 10 years of its acclaimed Project Atrium with a community art project, Imagination Squared. The deadline to apply is on March 21, and the exhibition will open in April. To participate, visit the museum to pick up a 10X10 inch wood panel. 

Ylva Rouse, MOCA’s Senior Curator and artist Christina Foard, who conceptualized the original Imagination Squared joined us with more.

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