Media Roundtable; Daughters Flower Shop, Walk to Tallahassee

May 8, 2020


On today’s episode of First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross, our Friday Media Roundtable discussed some of the biggest stories impacting Northeast Florida - and beyond - this week:  

  • Some new twists developed this week in the ongoing JEA City Council investmation. 

Our panelists were: 

Mother’s Day Flowers  

Local business, Daughters Flower Shop in 5 Points, Jacksonville is open for online or curbside orders for Mother’s Day.  



Beau Guyott on a leg of his walk
Credit Beau Guyott




























Walk to Tallahassee  

Beau Guyott, a hospitality worker, was laid off due to COVID-19. He is now walking across the state, from West Palm Beach to Tallahassee, to share the stories of industry workers he meets along the way, who have also been impacted by the economic shutdown triggered by the pandemic. Guyott joined us with more information. 


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