Media Roundtable: Jax Lawmakers Skeptical Of Pension Reform Agreement

May 23, 2014

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown, left, shakes on a pension reform agreement with Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund Executive Director John Keane.
Credit News4Jax

Some members of the Jacksonville City Council say they’re not sure the agreement to reduce Jacksonville’s massive pension liability will pass the smell test with voters.

Under the agreement, the city will have to come up with an additional $40 million per year to pay down pension debt. Current and future employees who draw a pension will see reduced benefits.

Could this result in a property tax hike or sales tax increase?

Joining us on our regular Friday media roundtable to discuss this and other stories is our panel of local journalists:

Additional topics include Gov. Rick Scott's campaign stop at JAXPORT, the selection of State Sen. John Thrasher as the sole remaining candidate for president of Florida State University, and a new study that shows Florida is the dangerous state in the country for pedestrians.

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