Medicare Fraud In Florida, Sundial Book Club Author T. Kira Madden & 'Beyond The Cape' Exhibit

Apr 16, 2019

Last week the Justice Department announced a sweeping investigation that charged 24 people in a $1.2 billion Medicare fraud scam. Among those charged were Elliot Loewenstern and Creaghan Harry, both from Boca Raton. The men are accused of deceiving Medicare patients into buying unnecessary medical equipment. This is not uncommon in South Florida, which has its own 'Medicare Fraud Strike Force.' We spoke to reporter Jane Musgrave of the Palm Beach Post who has been following the details of the scheme.

This month’s Sundial Book Club title is “Long Live The Tribe of Fatherless Girls” by T. Kira Madden. The memoir chronicles Madden’s childhood in Boca Raton and recounts her experiences as a queer and biracial woman. The text explores traumatic experiences, like sexual assault and grief, and beautiful memories, like friendships and middle school dances. We spoke to Madden about the inspiration behind the memoir and the importance of capturing these memories on the page.

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And whether the illustrations and graphics found in comic books and graphic novels are actually art is an ongoing debate in the art world. The Boca Raton Museum of Art is hosting an exhibit called, “Beyond the Cape! Comics and Contemporary Art.” The exhibit tales on typical comic book genres and mythology and explores some of today’s most prominent issues: feminism, climate change and racial prejudice. We spoke to the exhibit’s curator, Kathleen Goncharov, and artist Michael Zansky about what visitors can expect to see. The exhibit opens today and will run through Oct. 6, 2019.

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