Meet the Candidates: Duval Soil And Water Conservation Board Group 2

Oct 21, 2016

Two candidates are running to fill an open spot on Duval County’s Soil and Water Conservation Board. Hunter Anderson and James Joseph Morton are competing for the Group 2 position.

Anderson is a 22-year-old University of North Florida political science major. He says the board’s primary purpose should be educating the public about conservation.

“It’s important that we teach younger generations how far we’ve come, but then, kind of, lay out these issues that are still facing us to this day,” Anderson said.

He wants the board to spread its message at public schools and college campuses, telling students what they can do to help the environment.

“I believe with my youth and energy, I think that is something that’s really going to be an addition to the board, whereas I think I have the time to put into it as well,” he said.

Learn more about Anderson at his campaign website.

His opponent, Morton, has run unsuccessfully for a spot on the Soil and Water Conservation board at least twice, according to the Duval County Supervisor of Elections office.

WJCT reached out to Morton by email and on social media, but he did not return our requests for an interview by this story’s deadline.

His campaign’s Facebook page has information copied from the St. Johns Riverkeeper website and from a Wikipedia article about fracking. He did not respond to several posts asking for his position on issues. He also made several posts about his religious views.

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