Miami Soccer Complex, Obesity In South Florida And A Summer Internship Program

Jul 10, 2018

In the bid to build a soccer stadium and sports complex in Miami, developers have set their sites on a larger location: a city-owned municipal golf course next to Miami International Airport.

City of Miami ‏commissioners will meet Thursday to talk about David Beckham’s new deal, and decide if a vote on the mega-complex will make its way to the ballots in November. Miami Herald Reporter Joey Flechas joined Sundial to talk about those developments, and what may happen to the Overtown property Beckham bought in 2017. If this new deal passes, Beckham's for-profit venture would transform the bulk of the golf course into a commercial complex with a 28,000-seat soccer stadium, nearly 140,000 square feet of shops and restaurants, and one of the largest office centers in the county.

A new report from the University of Florida and the Obesity Action Coalition found that nearly 40 percent of Floridians are considered obese. Dr. Steven Smith, a head researcher in the study, joined Sundial to talk about why people of color tend to be more obese than others. According to the study, Hispanic men in Florida tend to have more problems with obesity than Hispanic women. Beyond race and ethnicity, leisure activity, food and culture play various roles in rising obesity rates.

Through the Summer Youth Internship Program funded by The Children’s Trust, Miami-Dade high school students are learning about banking, information technology, law enforcement and hospitality through full-time, paid internships. Eighty-five percent of the students enrolled qualify for free and reduced lunch. On today’s episode of Sundial, we heard from the Director of Public Policy and Community Engagement at the Children’s Trust. We also heard from one participant in the program who's working at the local branch of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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