New Memorial Hospital Robot Can Help Detect Lung Cancer Earlier

Nov 25, 2020

Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville is the first in our area to offer a robot-assisted procedure for patients with lung nodules. The high-tech bronchoscopy is a step forward in lung cancer treatment.

Memorial Hospital doctor Irram Hamdani just returned from training on the robot that replaces current catheter-based procedures to look for lung abnormalities.

“I just want to emphasize that it’s a game changer and as a pulmonologist - you know - I’ve used the other systems and I’m just super excited about this technology,” she said. 

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., partly because it’s usually diagnosed when the cancer is more advanced.  Dr. Hamdani said the robotic broncoscope allows her to have a continuous, direct view using remote controls similar to an Xbox.

"I'm able to reach these small nodules I’ve never thought I’d be able to biopsy and help my patients in terms of diagnosing the lung cancer in very early stages.” 

The procedure is safer too, because the part that goes into the patient is disposable, reducing the chance of infection.

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