New Proposed Plans Unveiled For Jacksonville Landing

Aug 26, 2014

The downtown riverfront may soon be seeing a big change.

A new proposal from Jacksonville Landing owner Toney Sleiman would tear down the landmark building, and put two mixed-use structures in its place featuring apartments, restaurants, shopping and possibly a hotel.

Sleiman Enterprises proposal for the Jacksonville Landing includes two new buildings.
Credit Sleiman Enterprises

“We believe that the Jacksonville Landing is the epicenter to start that redevelopment effort," said Daniel Davis, president of Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. "We’re excited about the plans and look forward to encouraging the City Council whenever possible and the private sector to help this become successful."

Sleiman Enterprises estimates the cost of the redevelopment would run between $55 million and $75 million.

Before they move forward, the company wants a commitment of $11.8 million from the city to improve infrastructure in the area.

That amount is included in the Mayor’s budget, but must be approved by the City Council.

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