New UNF Poll; 'Black at Bolles;' 'Toques in Black;' What's Good Wednesdays

Jun 24, 2020

A new poll conducted by UNF’s Public Opinion Research Lab shows widespread local opposition to the Republican National Convention coming to Jacksonville this summer, as well as increased levels of concern over coronavirus and its effects. 

Mike Binder runs the Lab and joined us with more information about the poll.

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'Black at Bolles'

Students and alumni from a number of area schools have been taking to social media lately to share stories of what they say are issues of systemic racism within their institutions. One of those accounts, “Black at Bolles,” is an anonymous space for kids from Bolles, an elite private Jacksonville school. Mahiya Lawson, a recent Bolles graduate, told us more about it.

'Toques in Black'

Toques in Black: A Celebration of Black Chefs, by Allan Batts, profiles 101 black chefs from around the country - including a local one. Batts joined us to discuss it, along with Jacksonville Chef DeJuan Roy of the Alhambra Theatre, who is featured in the book.

What’s Good Wednesdays

We’re kicking off our first-ever weekly newsletter today! Look for fresh sparkling midweek updates and ramblings from the FCC team each Wednesday afternoon with our What’s Good Wednesdays e- blast. You can sign up for it here.

We previewed some of the contents of the first issue on this morning’s program.

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