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Mar 25, 2021

It’s been just over a year since the state’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities were locked down to protect residents from COVID-19. Now, Florida officials have quietly rescinded the emergency rules.

It’s a move that’s been met with relief, celebration and a bit of confusion. Marty Goetz, CEO Emeritus of River Garden Senior Services joined us with more. 

The Call to Unite

2020 was the start of what felt like constant disorder and panic thanks to COVID-19. However, throughout the chaos, there were times when love seemed to be much stronger. Special Olympics Director Tim Shriver saw an opportunity for those hungry for community to answer a call to heal. We spoke to him about his new book The Call To Unite

Equal Pay

Yesterday marked Equal Pay Day, the day the average woman has  to work up to in order to earn the same amount as the average white man earned in twelve months last year. Some say this region still has work to do to get women into more leadership roles. Angela Timberlake, VP of Elevate Women with the JAX USA Partnership joined us to explain why.

Wild Florida

Spring has arrived and it’s a perfect time to get outside. Our contributor and Florida Master Naturalist Lisa Grubba joined us with a look at what’s going on locally in our nature-filled areas of the First Coast.  

JME DJ Music Sessions

We bring you something new to listen to each month in our JME Music DJ sessions. Our music contributor Matt Shaw shared this month’s picks with us.

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