Obama Touts Infrastructure Improvements, Channel Deepening At Jaxport

Jul 25, 2013


President Barack Obama used Jaxport as a backdrop Thursday to call for more infrastructure improvements across the country.

Mr. Obama says he wants to see Jaxport and the nation’s other major ports be ready for the large cargo tankers that will be using the Panama Canal by 2016.

He says deepening the ports channels, including in the St. Johns River will lead to jobs at Jaxport and around the country.  

President Obama touts jobs for the middle class and infrastructure improvements at Jaxport.
Credit Kevin Meerschaert

He says the country can’t wait any longer to make needed infrastructure improvements.

The President placed the blame on the Republicans in Congress for not approving needed funding for construction programs.

Obama touted the economic growth of the nation, but the Florida GOP counters that growth in the Sunshine State is due to tax cuts and regulatory reform passed by Governor Rick Scott and the legislature.