Outpatient Hip And Knee Replacement Surgery Comes To The First Coast

Jan 3, 2014

A new procedure being performed on the First Coast gets hip and knee replacement patients out of the hospital the same day as their surgery.

Patients contemplating hip or knee replacement surgery on the First Coast are now able to have the procedure done and come home in the same day.

"Patients really benefit from leaving the center the same day as surgery," said Dr. Michael Patney, specialist with Coastal Orthopedic Associates. Patney is the only doctor in northeast Florida doing hip and knee replacement surgery as a day surgery/outpatient procedure.

Traditionally, hip replacements require up to six weeks of rehabilitation and three to five days in the hospital.  That timeframe is shortened with a procedure called Anterior-Supine Intermuscular (ASI) Hip Replacement.

During ASI, the patient is put under anesthesia and is not awake. The patient lays on their back and an incision is made over the front  of the hip to cut and remove the bone. Replacement parts are inserted, the joint is put back together and the tissue layers are closed. The entire process takes about 45 minutes.

"Instead of a hospital stay, the patient can rest up at home and enjoy a faster recovery," Patney said. ASI is offered at Orange Park SurgCenter every Wednesday.

For more information about ASI hip replacement visit CoastalOrthopedicsJax.com.

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