Palm Coast Launching 2015 Citizen Survey Of City Services

Oct 27, 2015

Palm Coast is asking residents for their opinions about city services. The survey is part of the National Citizen Survey, which compares Palm Coast services to 500 other cities around the country.
Credit City of Palm Coast

The city of Palm Coast is asking for residents’ input on the services it provides. The annual comprehensive citizen survey is part of the National Citizen Survey that is sent to a random group of 14,500 people.

In addition to those chosen at random, all Palm Coast residents will be able to fill out surveys online, for the first time ever.

Palm Coast’s results will be compared to more than 500 other local governments’ across the country.

Last year's survey found that most residents don't utilize bike paths, walking trails or sidewalks to traverse the city. Instead, most citizens said they preferred to drive although they rated the pedestrian assets highly.