Podcasting 101

Whether you’re interested in politics, music, crime, technology or just about anything, there is likely a podcast for you. But while millions of people enjoy listening to podcasts every day, others still don’t understand this relatively new form of media.

This week on Florida Matters: Podcasting 101.

We talk with people who work in the field about how podcasts differ from traditional radio and explain where to find them. Our guests include:

Kenny Malone, correspondent with the popular NPR podcast Planet Money. He has also reported for the WNYC podcast Only Human and for WLRN in Miami.

Dalia Colon, producer of WUSF’s new food podcast The Zest. She also hosts the television arts Arts Plus on WEDU and has reported for WUSF and the Tampa Bay Times.

New to podcasting? Check out The Zest’s instructional page which breaks down how to search for podcasts and subscribe to them.

And find the podcasts that match your interests with NPR’s Podcast Directory.

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