Prison Inmates Stage Strikes In Florida And Across U.S. Claiming Inhumane Treatment

Sep 4, 2018

Inmates across America are on strike- inside their prisons - demanding an end to what they say is torture and abuse.

The strike started last month, with inmates here in Florida and across the country resisting what they claim is cruel and inhumane treatment.

The inmates are demanding to be paid prevailing state wages for their labor. They also want an end to torture and abuse inside prisons.

Florida prisons, in particular, have become notorious for their pervasive culture of neglect and abuse. Nearly 150 people have died in the state’s prisons so far this year.

St. Augustine activist Wendy Tatter is one Florida advocate pushing for prison reform. She got involved after her son was incarcerated on a drug offense.

“They are sprayed with pepper spray, they’re put in solitary in freezing conditions, in just underwear, handcuffed and slammed into walls,” said Tatter.

Tatter will headline a film screening and event on mass incarceration and prison reform this Sunday at the Corazon Cinema and Cafe in St. Augustine.

You can listen to her full interview on First Coast Connect.

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