Public Hearing Scheduled For Regency Square Mall Entrance Road Work

Jun 25, 2014

The short stretch of road where Arlington Expressway meets Atlantic Boulevard in front of Regency Square Mall is in line for some major safety improvements.

Florida Department of Transportation engineers have drawn up plans for relieving traffic confusion and congestion where the two roadways diverge, says state DOT spokesperson Ron Tittle.

A map showing the proposed changes to Arlington Expressway and Atlantic Blvd. between the west entrance of Regency Square Mall and Monument Road.
Credit Florida Department of Transportation

“They’re going to be added lanes to accommodate that, as you merge onto Arlington Expressway," Tittle said. "Coming from Arlington Expressway, if you’re going to be turning on to Atlantic, it’s going to be easing up some of that right turn, maybe be a freer flow of traffic in that direction. And they’re closing off some of the driveway areas into Regency Square for instance.”

Officials have scheduled a public hearing Thursday evening (June 26) at the Regency Square Library so people can weigh in on the proposed changes before they’re a done deal.

Work on the $6 million project is expected to start next summer.

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