Remember To 'Move Over' In 2019 For Vehicles On Side Of Road

Jan 2, 2019

The state is reminding Florida drivers to move over when they see an emergency or other service vehicle stopped by the side of the road.

Florida’s slow down and Move Over law has originally introduced in 1971 and was last updated in 2014.

American Automobile Association club spokesman Matt Nasworthy said its purpose is to protect first responders and Road Rangers as well as tow-truck operators and utility and sanitation workers.

“Slow Down, Move Over means if you are on a two lane road where there isn’t room to move over, you must slow down at least 20 miles an hour below the posted speed limit. If you’re on a multilane highway, you need to move over at least a lane,” said Nasworthy.

The Florida Highway Patrol says nearly 17,000 tickets were handed out last year to motorists who failed to observe the Move Over law.

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