Rep. Frankel On Detention Facilities, Sundial Book Club & The FAF President Retires

Jul 16, 2019

U.S. Representative Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, visited the Homestead Detention Facility on Monday. Her visit came before government officials announced the facility will no longer be taking in new children, in the efforts to downsize the population of unaccompanied minors. Rep. Frankel has visited a number of detention facilities, one in her county and others in Texas. Sundial spoke with Rep. Frankel about her recent visit to Homestead and the migrant shelter for women called, “Rinconcito del Sol” in Palm Beach County.


This month the Sundial Book Club is reading “Constant Craving,” by author Tamara Lush. Lush is a reporter in Florida with The Associated Press. Her book is a romance set in St. Augustine and it follows the story of two love birds: Justine Lavoie and Rafeal Menendez de Avilez. Rafael is Miami’s richest business man returns and Justine a publisher of the town’s newspaper. The paper is going bankrupt and the story unfolds as Justine faces a big decision of whether or not to get help from her former lover. Lush joined Sundial to talk about the romance genre and the book.


The President of the First Amendment Foundation (FAF) Barbara Peterson recently announced her retirement from the organization after 25 years. She battled some of the biggest freedom of speech cases and key first amendment challenges in Florida over the course of her years of work with the FAF. She joined Sundial to talk about the legacy she is leaving behind and what is next for the organization. 

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