Report: Jacksonville Homes Have Larger Lots On Average Than All But 1 U.S. City

Jul 14, 2021

Not only is Jacksonville the biggest city by land mass in the continental U.S., but it turns out its residents also – on average – have the second largest yards in the nation.

The comapny behind the storage space marketplace Storage Café crunched the lot sizes of homes in the 20 biggest U.S. cities and found Jacksonville ranks behind only Indianapolis in lot-size square footage.

The median lot in Jacksonville is 9,104 square feet, compared to 9,191 in Indianapolis, according to Storage Café.

Credit Storage Cafe

Not only that, but the median lots sizes and homes in Jacksonville have been steadily growing since 1920 (see the chart at left).

In terms of living space, Jacksonville ranks No. 4. The median indoor living space is 1,812 square feet, according to the report.

Philadelphia, which is packed tight with rowhouses in many parts of the city, has the smallest lots, on average, with a median of just 1,809 square feet, or about nine times smaller than Jacksonville’s median.

Storage Café said Jacksonville homes built in the 1970s tend to have the largest lot sizes, with a median of more than 11,000 square feet.

To come up with the rankings, Storage Café used data from PropertyShark and Point2Homes. Both are sister divisions of Storage Café.

Here's the full report.