'Safer Together' Workshops; TrippBio COVID Medication; Hugh Greene; Local Filmmaker

Jan 5, 2021

This month, Jacksonville City Councilwoman Joyce Morgan will lead a series of “Safer Together” workshops aimed at creating a safer community.

She joined us with more information.


A new medication is in development that could make a real impact on mild to moderate cases of COVID-19. And it’s being developed by TrippBio, a local biotech firm. The company’s CEO, Phil Young, told us more about it.

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Hugh Greene

One of the many changes brought about by the pandemic is our increasing comfort with doing just about everything virtually - including seeing a physician. Contributor Hugh Greene shared his thoughts on Telehealth, which was on the rise even before COVID-19, but is now here to stay.

Local Filmmaker

Despite the pandemic, some local independent filmmakers are still hard at work in our area. However, they need help to finish their current project, Belle Isle, and make their vision a reality. Writer and lead actor, Michelle Calloway joined us to explain why.

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