Savannah Mayor Says Reopening Georgia Attracts Visitors, Sends Wrong Message

May 6, 2020
Originally published on May 5, 2020 4:30 pm

Georgia could see coronavirus cases and deaths skyrocket now that restrictions have relaxed, according to new projections.

Two leading coronavirus prediction models are accounting for the re-opening of businesses and lifting of Gov. Brian Kemp's shelter-in-place order, and the outlook is dire.

The widely quoted University of Washington model predicts nearly 5,000 could die in Georgia by early August.

A Georgia Tech/Harvard model says 30,000 by later that month.

Meanwhile, many mayors remain critical of the governor's decision to reopen, including Savannah’s Van Johnson.

"The weekend in many ways looked like a normal Savannah weekend," he said. "And what is very troubling to me is that things are still not normal here."

Johnson said reopening the state sends the wrong message and is attracting visitors.

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