Sequester May Mean No More Flyovers At Jags Games

Mar 1, 2013

A flyover from the September 11, 2011 Jaguars game.

Military flyovers, a favorite moment during Jaguars games, could be a victim of the sequester. USA Today reports that if the budget cuts go into effect, it's possible that the flyovers will end, at least for this fiscal year and possibly beyond.

As the Jaguars have struggled on the field, many fans say the flyovers are one of the best part of the gameday experience. An Air Force spokewoman told USA Today that the military conducts about 1,000 flyovers a year. There is not additional cost to the government, she says, because the flyovers are part of pilots' training. But with $85 billion in federal budget cuts set to take effect today, those training hours will be reduced.

The Florida Times-Union spoke with Jaguars president Mark Lamping who says if there are no flyovers, the team will find other ways to honor the military.