Showdown Over Medicaid as Session Begins

Mar 5, 2013

It's set to be something of a legislative showdown in Tallahassee after a key House panel differed with Florida Governor Rick Scott over the issue of Medicaid expansion.

House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, answers a reporter’s question Monday at the state Capitol. He praised a committee’s decision to oppose the expansion of Medicaid.
Credit Associated Press

  Republicans in the House began the 60-day legislative session by saying they'll oppose expanding Medicaid to some 900,000 poor Floridians under the Affordable Care Act. This, even though Scott reversed his stance on the matter last month and now says he wants the state to accept the expansion.

On First Coast Connect, we spoke with Tia Mitchell, Tallahassee Staff Writer for the Tampa Bay Times and the Miami Herald, about the whole flap. Mitchell says look for the State Senate, seen as more moderate than their colleagues in the Hosue, to propose another solution for covering more Floridians if the Medicaid expansion doesn't go through.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government would finance 100% of the expansion for the first three years of the program.