St. Augustine Officials Say Brace For Potential Flooding From Michael

Oct 8, 2018

Despite approaching Florida from the Gulf Coast side, Hurricane Michael is expected to have some impact on Northeast Florida.

Our News4Jax partner reports City officials in St. Augustine are warning people about high winds and potential flooding. It's not uncommon for it to flood in St. Augustine during hurricanes and bad storms.

Michael was declared a category hurricane Monday at 11 a.m. by the National Hurricane Center.

The system is expected to bring rain around the same time the King Tide is expected, making St. Augustine and other areas more vulnerable to flooding.

The highest tide of the year, King Tide is expected to peak Tuesday and can cause some flooding in low-lying areas and at the beaches. King Tide paired with the rainfall might cause flooding because the water won't drain quickly.

St. Augustine city officials are urging people to be prepared. They reminded residents to never drive through floodwaters.

Michael might bring strong winds and possible power outages to the area, according to St. Johns County Emergency Management. Officials are urging residents to be prepared by making sure their cars are filled with gas and hurricane supply kits are stocked.

The city of St. Augustine does have a form on its website where people can report flooding. Residents  can submit a photo of the flooding, as well as a description of the location.