St. Augustine Seeking Assistance In Crafting Historic Plan

Sep 20, 2016

The Nation’s Oldest City is asking residents for feedback as it crafts a plan to guide historical preservation.

St. Augustine is holding its first input session Thursday.

The city is writing its first Historic Preservation Master Plan. In other words:

“A comprehensive planning element,” said Historic Preservation Officer Jenny Wolfe.

“So what it will do is establish our goals and establish our priorities and make recommendations for changes,” she said.

And Wolfe said the document can be used to guide policy. For instance, she said there’s been some confusion over when demolitions of historic property should be allowed, to what degree and what documentation should be provided.

“What we’re looking to do is create a strategy that will help drive our preservation efforts pretty far into the future,” Wolfe said.

Which is why she the city wants community input on what reinforces St. Augustine’s historic character and what creates the city’s “sense of place?”

The first meeting is Thursday at Christ Our Savior Evangelical Church on Milton Street at 7 p.m.

Three other meetings at various locations are scheduled through the beginning of October.

Photo: “Close-up view of lion statue at the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine,” Milo H. Stewart used under Florida State Archives, under Section 257.35(6), Florida Statutes.

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